Continuing editorial services

Since the year 2000, I create texts and images for websites on behalf of my customers.

I still work for my first customer in this way and still with great  joy. If you want to be proud of your website for a long time, you should put special emphasis on a clever and long-lasting content concept out of the hands of an experienced editor.

I provide editorial services for the following websites

German Society for Plant Sciences (DBG)

Continuous editorial services for news, texts, and images of the German and English website since 2000

Chair Plant Biotechnology

Continuous editorial services: news, texts, and images in English and German since August 2016

Society for Biological Systematics (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik, GfBS)

Continuous text and image editorial services of this mainly German website since 2013

Section Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology

Continuous editorial text and image services in German and English since 2016

Sektion Angewandte Botanik

Kontinuierliche Website-Redaktion seit der Erstellung im Jahr 2020

Phycology Section

Continuous German and English news, text, and image editorial services since 2005

International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS)

Online editorial services: 2017 - Mai 2018


Continuous copy writing 2016 - 2019

Carpenter Feulner

Online editorial services since its relaunch in 2017


Texts and images since June 2019

Spicy Science

Editorial services since April 2018 

European FP7 Research Consortium MOSSclone

Continuous text and image editorial services 2012 - 2017

Deutsches Nationalkomitee (DNK) Biologie - German National Committee of Biology

Editorial services since 2008

Dr. Ingrid Kottke, apl. Prof. i. R., Mykorriza-Forscherin

Continuous text and image editorial services from 2008 until 2020

Institute for African Studies (IAS)

Concept (2005), texts (2005-2006) for the bilingual (German-English) website

Kita Villa Kleeblatt

Concept development, text and image editing (2005)

DFG Research Unit 402: Tropical Mountain Forest

Continuous editorial texting and imaging support of the trilingual Website in German, English, Español (2001 - 2006)
term of the research group: 2000 - 2006