Science Communication for Bio- and Life Sciences

Sci-Stories provides services for science communication, outreach and public relations in the bio sciences.

Esther Schwarz-Weig communicates your message and expertise to your target audience. She transforms complex messages in easy to read stories and develops concepts for communication (see: Philosophy). After earning her doctorate degree in the life sciences, she trained as an editorial journalist and gained professional experience at Springer's Science+Business Media in Heidelberg (now Springer Nature).

As freelance editor and science writer based in Germany, she communicates scientific topics to experts and laypersons alike. She also adapts content for print and online media. Her services for science communication include:

Concepts and texts for individual websites and interviews, newsletters, books, press releases and print products.

Interested? Just send her an e-mail to es-w [at]

Dr. rer. nat. Esther Schwarz-Weig,
Science Editor, Journalist and Biologist
looks forward to your message