From her office, Esther Schwarz-Weig keeps in touch with the international research scientists she works with. For some of them she writes, and realizes projects since many years. She still works for her first customer and still likes it very much (see: References).

What To Expect?

  • Easily understandable information due to journalistic expertise
  • Clear and esthetic websites and print-products
  • Analytical, strategic and structural thinking
  • Management and of complex projects like books or newsletters with about 100 contributors including delivery on time
  • Perseverance, so I don’t let myself get discouraged by obstacles when working on a project

Continuing Education

Experience and Stations in my Career

  • Since 2018 trainer for science communication and outreach at
  • Freelance science editor and author for the biosciences and life sciences since 2000 (see: References)
  • Established my editorial office: and (this site)
  • Maternity leave and work as a freelance science editor
  • Professional experience: science communication  (WIKOM) and medical editing at the Springer publisher, Heidelberg (now: Springer Nature). The WIKOM department was then called "Corporate Publishing" and the publishing company formerly "Springer Science+Business Media"
  • Editor for special interest print and online journals:
    one year lasting journalism training as “Editor for special interest journals”
    at Klett WBS, Munich. The institute is now called: WBS Training
  • Doctorate in natural sciences, magna cum laude
    Interdisciplinary thesis on ethology and evolution, psychoneuroendocrinology, physiology and sociobiology
    at the University of Bayreuth
  • USA: Approx. two years in San Diego, California, visiting UCSD, English language classes
  • Three-year scholarship for doctoral work and a stay in the USA
    Ev. Studienwerk für Begabtenförderung, Villigst
    (Thank you very much!)
  • Post-graduate degree in biology (Diplom-Biologe)
    with a focus on zoology, microbiology and biochemistry
    at the University of Bayreuth

Memberships and Networks

Esther enjoys to look out one of the four windows in her office whenever she feels a need for inspiration: There, she can watch Eurasian Jays (Garrulus glandarius) landing on the neighboring villa or Andalusian horses frolicking and galloping across the paddock. She shares her love of country life with her husband and two sons. She regenerates while developing her garden with many differnt plants and enjoys walking with the familiy dog in the Fränkische Schweiz that sourrounds the village.