Why I like to work with TYPO3

For a long time I have used four different content management systems (CMS), like Joomla or the CMS systems of publishers. Now I am convinced that TYPO3 is a powerful tool that provides multiple advantages: 

  • thanks to the open source license no fees apply
  • easy usability
  • a CMS developed in Europe
  • very suitable for websites with multiple languages
  • adjustable usage rights for all people and editors involved
  • strict separation of design and contents, so that later changes in the design are easy to implement
  • independence of commercial administrators
  • time-controlled publication of contents
  • modular expandability, unrivalled functions and flexibility
  • big and supportive user community
  • used in many universities and other science institutions and therefore known by many of my customers
  • TYPO3-specialized hosting companies provide professional technical support
  • Long Term Support (LTS) versions ensure continuous safety updates