The Route to your Website or Relaunch

I will be glad to structure, edit and write the contents for your new website. Or develop and design the website that you want to use to present yourself and your service (see: Philosophy).  

Texts for the Internet: Short and Easy to Skim Through

The criteria for internet texts are different from those for printed texts. They must be well structured and easy to understand, as readers normally skim through them first on their screen. Overloaded and dense texts will discourage even interested readers from lingering on the site.

Moreover texts on websites should be easy to comprehend, since readers can immediately reach other contents in the web.

For Readers and Search Engines

Images, legends and headers are able to attract readers to a text. Readers take in subheadings and bylines before they dive into the text body. Headings with puns delight readers, but (still) confuse the algorithms of search engines. That is why I write texts that are reader as well as computer friendly. As an editor, I choose relevant keywords, create meta descriptions - like title tags or description tags - and set clever links. This enables search engines like Google to pick your site from the vast sea of information on the Internet and place it in a prominent position.

Steps to your new website

  • We discuss your ideas and what you want in detail and determine what the website is supposed to achieve
  • We analyze your aims and target groups
  • I create a communication strategy from this
  • I sort out your ideas and needs. Then I structure the site and assign menu buttons
  • If requested, I will create a design to match your corporate design
  • You gather information and text blocks for the site
  • I edit these or create new texts that will attract readers in your target group and can be processed by search engines at the same time
  • I offer graphic and photo editing services and can also recommend images that harmonize with your corporate design, as images are able to catch the attention of readers faster than words
  • You approve the concept, layout, and texts
  • Only if you agree, your website be published
  • I like to offer continuous copy writing and content editing in your content management system (preferably in the CMS TYPO3)